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For the latest news, please check News & Announcements

ACE Rohan Customer Service (CS)
Jika anda memiliki masalah, silakan kontak Customer Service (CS) atau posting di FORUM
If you are having problems, Please contact Customer Service (CS) or posting in the  FORUM

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. Cara Registrasi / How To Register : Klik Di Sini / Click Here
2. Download & Install Full Client ACE Rohan : Klik Di Sini / Click Here
3. Cara Donasi Item Mall (Top Up RAP) : Klik Di Sini
4. Donate Item Mall (Top Up RAP) Via Paypal : Click Here
5. Item Mall (IM) & Special Item Mall (SIM) : Klik Di Sini / Click Here
6. “Nyangkut”, “Stuck”, “You are already logged in” = Server Restart : Klik Di Sini / Click Here

WARNING ! We Can Detect “Ilegal Item”, Read This

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